How to take your dog on a bike ride

Bikejoring is a trip in which the best man’s friend (or even more) is attached to a towline a bicycle. In this kind of sport, the dog can pull and run ahead of a cyclist. So if you are a bicycle fan and are looking for a solution to increase your dog’s level of movement, know that this sport is right for you. However, to ride a bicycle safely with the dog, it is necessary to prepare properly.

First Step

Go to the vet. For safety reasons, before starting this activity you should be sure that your dog is physically ready. Consult your doctor to find out if there is not any disease that could get worse due to intense physical activity.

Second Step

Prepare equipment for both you and your dog. Dogs are unpredictable, can move suddenly and being tied or kept tied while you’re on the bike can be something that is within a walking distance of a fall. So it’s very important to be equipped according to all security rules.

When there is an unpredictable dog or if traffic is involved, you will also want your dog to be safe. Dangerous distances or those in which dog driving on a leash while you ride on your own bike is prohibited may be intended for a trip where your dog is on a bicycle. To take your dog on a bike ride you can use Bicycle Basket Storage for dogs and puppy.

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They are specially designed to keep your pet safe. In addition to being easy to install/uninstall and detach, they offer enough space for your dog beside high capacity storage of things such as water, leash, toys, and other accessories. Most models are waterproof and some even provide closure or cover to secure your friend upside down in the case of rain. In my opinion this is the most comfortable way to board the dog on the bike, however, Karen one of my clients told me that her dog once in Basket was panicked and did not want to stay there anyway. The solution she found was Dog Carrier Backpack, a portable shoulder bag that gives you the opportunity of carrying your lovely pet to travel everywhere not only when you are on the bike.

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“I think my dog is afraid of height. When I put it in this Backpack it became more calm and relaxed and probably because it was closer to me. I suppose the way the backpack is made makes the dog feel like it is in my arms. I think that’s what makes him feel better and more confident at the height” Karen said. The backpack is equipped with an adjustable buckle on the strap, convenient to carry and lighten the weight of shoulder. The design of the buckle inside the carrier can be connected with the companion pet collar, which will prevent pet leaps, but that’s only for dogs which are really afraid of height.

For longer bike ride I would also recommend Dog Astronaut Capsule Backpack Carrier Box with Transparent Breathable Cover. First, because its design provides stability to your back and second because it is more spacious, the floor is harder that means the dog could take a position and stay more secure and stable. The bag is designed with holes that improve the flow of air and with a transparent cover and a breathable cover that you can change depending on the weather conditions.

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All three of these solutions can be found in a variety of colors and prices by accessing the links above. A dog boarding on a bicycle is also a recommended solution for cases in which your dog is tired.

Third Step

Train the dog to walk with the Bicycle. It’s not easy to make your dog run along or beside your bike without incident. A moving bicycle may be normal for your dog or it may be frightening for it. Your dog will follow the bicycle in the leash after proper training and always if you buy a leash specially designed for this purpose. Keep in mind that it can take days or weeks to your dog in order to get used to the bicycle and only once it gets confident with it, you can start asynchronous move. Bikejoring will be practiced for the beginning on a slow rate and the distance will increase gradually.

Bikejoring is an excellent way for you and your dog to reach your daily level of movement and take a good dose of fresh air but this will only happen if the right place and favorable weather conditions are chosen.