Dog Giardia Symptoms

Dog Giardia Symptoms

Giardia lamblia is exceptionally contagious bronchial organism (protozoa) parasite that lives in the gut of many animals including dogs.

Some dogs who have giardia protozoa in their body doesn’t show any signs or symptoms at all while others get ill and require medical treatments.

Giardia protozoa are contrary to other parasites. They don’t harm your dog by beating or beating the tissues but simply being in the path which blocks or prevent nourishment absorption and digestion within the small gut. This trigger diarrhea due to food that is digested gets in the gastrointestinal tract.

Life Cycle

Giardia life cycle is broken up into two stage.

A motile point that lives and feeds at the host intestine (trophozoite) and non-motile cyst phase that moves on along with the stool.

Throughout trophozoite stage, Giardia connect itself into the tissues of their host intestine with it is adhesive disk and then rapidly increase their number in a very brief time by dividing itself half that is called binary fission.

They may be detached from intestine if the intestinal leak is fast and appear indoors or on the face of their stool.

If giardia has enough time to keep in the host then they have formed a protective protein shell around itself (encystment) since they move on to the big intestine.

Giardia cyst is sufficiently strong to survive for a few weeks to several months outside infected host body when the surrounding environment is right and sufficient moisture exists.

Twist and Transmission

Giardia is spread through direct contact with the feces of infected dogs which means that dog can be infected by drinking or eating anything that’s contaminated with giardia cyst.

The cysts drifted into the human body. Giardia cysts will burst open to release motile feeding period (trophozoite) inside the bunch small intestine and also the life circle continues.

Recently there are reports that giardiasis can be sexually transmitted.

Giardia can infect an individual. The clinical signs, dispersing and symptoms are similar to those reported to dogs.

Giardia Symptoms Dog

  • Dysentery
  • persistent or volatile diarrhea
  • bloody, foul odor, oily, pale color stools
  • mucus in the feces
  • Weight-loss
  • listlessness
  • lack of appetite (anorexia)
  • bloating
  • gas

Dogs that have been infected with giardia may not show symptoms promptly. The signs might appear over a span of weeks, months, or years in a certain situation.