Tips for bringing a dog for Thanksgiving

How to make your vacation stress free and safe for your puppy

Thanksgiving is the time when everyone gets together and celebrates what you are grateful for – so your dog must be involved! However, with the holiday comes a lot of excitement and chaos, which can easily overwhelm you and your dog.

There are several things that can harm a dog during the holidays, from eating on the counter to decorating. You also want to make sure that he behaves well, especially if you take him to someone else’s house. Having your dog for Thanksgiving can make your holiday a fun time for your entire family. Here are tips to help make sure everything is going as planned.

1. Make sure your dog is allowed to be present.

If you go to the home of a family or friend for Thanksgiving, make sure they are right with your dog in the first place. The owner may not be ready for the fact that he has a dog at home, or he may have fears that his own and your pets may not get along. It is better to register and make sure that your dog will be met in advance to facilitate the task.

2. Have fun before serving dinner.

Take the dog for a long walk or spend some time playing together to tire the dog before you go to lunch. Many people in one place can create a lot of restless energy that can cause stress on your dog. The last thing you want is for your dog to be overly agitated, so wearing it before it is served can help it relax.

3. Make sure your dog looks better.

You want to look better for Thanksgiving, so don’t leave your dog! Take a new trip to the groomers or take a bath time to make sure your dog looks (and smells) better.

4. Keep your dog away from food

Do not recreate the scene from the movies. Keep your dog away from food, ensuring that dishes are out of reach, or even use gates to avoid danger. With things coming in and out of ovens and stoves, the kitchen can be a dangerous place. There are also products that can be dangerous for your pet, so make sure that you serve him under the table.

5. Bring something familiar

Bring a toy or bone, or even a blanket, which your dog often uses to give your dog a comforting object in a new place. Your dog may even find a comfortable place in his crate if you are traveling with him. Otherwise, ask your owner if there is a place where your dog can relax, and thus, if everything starts to become stunning, you may have a plan B to keep things from getting out of control.

6. If it’s better to keep it at home, keep it at home.

Some dogs simply do not succeed in stressful situations or around large groups of people. If you know that your dog is anxious or stressed, do not force him into a situation he is not ready to cope with. There are many options for dogs that cannot attend Thanksgiving, from finding a nanny to planting your dog for the whole day.

Thanksgiving dog can be fun for everyone if you are ready!

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